Imported From Around the World for the Canadian Market

  • Proudly Canadian Owned-and-Operated

  • Ethically Sourced and Meticulously Processed

  • Rigorous Quality Control

  • Highest Possible Quality

About the Brand

Our Story

The Voyageur seafood brand is associated with the same excellence and reliability as the goods carried by the original Canadian merchant voyageurs.

The voyageur itself is an iconic symbol of Canadian history. These river travellers have been long regarded as traders and purveyors of the finest goods. The Voyageur logo carries these associations of excellence and reliability, symbolizing Canada’s best seafood products.

We are Proudly Canadian Owned-and-Operated

Voyageur is a proudly Canadian-owned-and-operated brand, importing seafood products from around the world for the Canadian market. Throughout the years, we have grown Voyageur and developed it into a leading import product sourced from the finest producers around the world.

All of Voyageur’s seafood products have been carefully sourced by our experienced team. We continuously travel to visit Voyageur seafood producers, to inspect their facilities, conduct audits, to and ensure the highest quality and environmental standards are being met. We make sure that the companies and processing facilities are all modern and up to Canadian Food Inspection Agency standards.

Our Carefully Sourced Products

We recognized a lack of clarity around environmental and food safety labeling. With Voyageur we adapted our practices, making it easier for consumers to identify food that has been responsibly sourced and processed in a way that ensures it is safe for consumption. All of our partners continuously follow sustainable practices for a healthy ocean, in addition to upholding fair business practices and food safety regulations.


  • Salmon


    Sockeye, Coho, Chum, Steelhead, Atlantic


    Fillets, Loins, Cold Smoked Lox, Hot Smoked Nuggets

  • White Fish


    Lingcod, California Flounder, Basa, Capelin


    Fillets, Fletches, Caviar

  • Crab




    Single cut Legs and Claws

  • Shrimp


    Black Tiger, Pacific White, Cold Water


    Raw / Peeled / Deveined / Tail-on, Raw / Peeled / Deveined / Tail-off, Cooked / Peeled / Deveined / Tail-on, Cooked / Peeled

  • Squid


    Loligo, Illex, Jumbo/Humboldt


    Tubes and Tentacles, Rings and Tentacles, Tubes only, Rolled Fillets, Steaks

Oceanfood Voyageur Logo

The Voyageur seafood brand is associated with the same excellence and reliability as the goods carried by the original Canadian merchant voyageurs. We continuously visit each one of our products’ sources to ensure superior quality, excellent taste, and sustainable practices — so that your only concern can be which way to cook it tonight.

Rigorous Standards

We pride ourselves in providing you with the highest quality products, which is why food safety is a big part of everything we do. On top of our rigorous processes, we also require all our products to have a third-party certification like Safe Quality Food (SQF) or British Retail Consortium (BRC). We take the time to find the best partners across the globe in order to bring home the best products to Canada.

Our employees work alongside NGOs to make sure that ethical farming and harvesting practices are in place for both our wild and farm products. When you see the Voyageur brand, it is your assurance of superior quality, taste, and value — and sustainability.

Carried By / Where to Find

  • Western Canada
  • Prairies