Is the source product wild or farmed?

Our products are sourced from both wild and farmed producers. We only purchase responsibly caught, harvested, and/or sustainable seafood for the Canadian market. For more information on our commitment to stewardship and sustainability, please check the details on the product page you are interested in or email us your specific questions.

Are Voyageur products sustainable?

Sustainable seafood shouldn’t be complicated. With all the designations on packaging, it’s easy to be confused. That’s why our approach is based on full transparency. All our partnerships are carefully vetted to ensure not only quality, but integrity too. When it comes to sustainability and designations we are invested to work with companies that use science and third-party audits. Along with Chain of Custody requirements, this ensures all partners are being held to a higher standard when sourcing, producing, and marketing products that are certified as sustainable. It’s simplified sustainability that works for the environment — and our customers.

Are your products Gluten Free?

Single-ingredient fish, and seafood, does not contain gluten. Under CFIA regulations, we are legally required to include all allergens on our labeling, including wheat.