Considered by most aficionados to be the best smoked salmon in the world, the Balik Style salmon traces its roots back to Imperial Russia. During this era of Russian aristocracy, the art of fine dining and its quality reached unprecedented levels. After the death of the last Russian tsarist family in 1918, this ancient tradition sank into oblivion.

For decades, the recipe was lost, until Hans Gerd Kubel had a chance encounter with the grandson of the Imperial Court Smoker, Israel Kaplan. The duo challenged themselves to recreate the original smoke ovens, and to find the perfect location to embark on this process. They found the ideal spot in the heart of the Swiss Alps: a 300 year old farmhouse with a pure groundwater source at high altitude, surrounded by premium quality forest wood. In 1978, Kubel and Kaplan successfully produced their first offering of Balik salmon and it was an immediate hit.

Our Balik Style salmon starts with premium quality Atlantic salmon that is hand filleted and trimmed, leaving only the most flavourful centre which is considered the ‘fillet mignon’ of the salmon. The fish then undergoes a natural hardwood cold smoking process without artificial colours, additives, or preservatives. With its silky and buttery texture, this product is perfect for serving guests on special occasions. We recommend serving in traditional 1″ thick squares or paper-thin slices. For that extra wow factor, we suggest serving with creme fraiche, blinis, caviar, and bubbly. Enjoy!

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